Flipkart New Rate Card Applicable From 1st May 2018

Flipkart introduced the “Flipkart New Rate Card” which is going to applicable from 1st May 2018. In this new rate card, Flipkart reduced their fees in many ways not only in Commission but reduced also in Fixed Fees and Shipping charges.

Changes in New Rate Card

1. Commission Rate: Flipkart categorized their commission rate as per Order Item Value (Selling price + Shipping Charges). Flipkart created 2 slabs which are “0 – 300” and “>300”. Flipkart tries to reduce their commission below or equal to Rs. 300. The main aim behind is to reduce the selling price of cheaper items or common use items etc. This is not applicable to every category. Some categories have still same commission rates. Commission rates vary by category and sub-categories.

2. Fixed Fees: Flipkart reduced their fixed fees from 10 to 5 in the first slab (0 – 500) which will calculate on Order Item Value.

3. Collection Fees: It is still same.

4. Shipping Charges: Now let’s talk about Shipping charges, Flipkart not only reduced the shipping charges but also add an additional slab. In previous Rate Card we can see the three weight slabs but in New Rate card Flipkart added one more slab of weight above 12kg. It will give benefit to those sellers who deals in heavy and/or high volumetric items.

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