How to Rename Images in Bulk???…

In e-commerce, business images play a crucial role, but everyone face issue in maintaining the images. By maintaining I mean, when the photographer provides the final images after photoshoot of your products. Photographer gives random names to images.

And I can understand your problem of editing name one by one. I also faced the same issue, and find a way to simplify the work.

Today I will tell how to rename images in bulk with the help of software in few simple steps.

We can easily rename any files in bulk with the help of “Advanced Renamer” Software. It is freeware software and it is free of cost but I request you to donate if you like the software after use. You just need to download the software from

You can download with the installer or without installer (Portable Version).

There are various ways to rename the files but today I am telling you to rename files from Advanced Renamer.

Steps to Rename Images in Bulk


Step 1: Open Advanced Renamer


Step 2: Click on Add Button

Select the files you want to rename by choosing either folder or individual file. I am working on a folder for your reference.


Once you select the folder, all images inside the folder will appear as a list.

Step 3: Click on List Button

To export this list in notepad, you need to click the list tab –> Save.

Open notepad file you saved in the previous step. I saved the file as “demo”.

Select all and Copy, paste in excel file.

In Excel, Click in DATA –> Text to Columns –> Fixed Width –> Next.

To break the file path and file name, click between file name and path after backslash “\” –> Finish.

Add new names in Column C which you want to give to your images and join Columns A and C through “&” formula.

Select Colum D and Copy, paste and replace the content in a previous notepad file (demo.txt).

Note: Do not add column names which added for reference in excel file. Also, no need to add file extension in the name such as jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

Save the notepad file.

Step 4: Go the Advanced Renamer, Click on List

This time “List” tab on the left side as shown in the image.

Step 5: Click on List à Load List à Select notepad file (demo.txt) –> Open

Now, you can see the new names.

If everything is correct then go ahead and click “Start Batch”.

Now, you can use your images with the correct name.

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